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Half-decent New Year’s bash surprise for recovering addicts

A group of recovering alcoholics had quite a good time at a party on New Year’s Eve, it has been revealed.

The group of around fifteen AA members, who gathered for sober festivities at an unknown address in Brussels on Saturday night, enjoyed themselves ‘more than usual’, according to reports.

‘It was alright,’ said one partygoer, adding: ‘The dog got a bit scared by some of the dancing though.’

11 varieties of cake

Another twelve-step reveller said he had felt ‘quite upbeat’ after gorging himself on 11 different types of cake and around nine glasses of cola.

‘For about ten minutes, I forgot the fact that I’ve lost my job, my wife has left me and my children hate me, and just went mental dancing to that 80s disco hits compilation mix they were playing on repeat all evening,’ he said with a brief spark of enthusiasm, before slumping back into morosely staring at a plate of leftover chocolate Yule log.


Conversational topics at the booze-free bash included whether or not partygoers felt they would actually be having more fun if they were off their faces on champagne and ecstasy at a warehouse rave, circa 1999, the relative usefulness of believing in a ‘higher power’, and what step everybody was on.

'It was quite good'

The AA members were proud to have stayed up until midnight without recourse to alcohol or illegal substances, but nonetheless the party finished about seven and a half minutes after the obligatory chorus of Auld Lang Syne had been sung and everybody had awkwardly kissed each other.

‘Secretly, I’m just glad when it’s over,’ one young woman said, ‘it was bollocks when I was drunk, too.’


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