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Green light for curly fringes at EU Spring Summit

European heads of state and government have given the green light to curly, wavy, and ‘slightly frizzy’ fringes, the IN can exclusively report.

Traditionally considered unacceptable in Europe, the curly fringe will now be permitted across all EU member states – but only in certain circumstances.

The issue was top of the agenda at the European Spring Summit in Brussels on Thursday, alongside Serbia’s candidacy for EU accession, the debt crisis, and a new treaty on budgetary discipline.

'A lack of access to straightening irons'

Leaders of all 27 EU member states have now signed a pact stating that ‘curly, wavy and slightly frizzy fringes are to be authorised by member states in situations where they cannot be avoided, such as a lack of access to straightening irons, or rain. However, curly-haired people should make every effort to straighten their fringes in line with agreed EU norms, and in the event of wet or humid weather conditions, to maintain straightness via the use of hats or umbrellas, or, where possible, by not leaving the house.’

‘Bulbous forehead’

Despite showing a personal preference for straight-haired women, French president Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters at the close of Thursday’s negotiations that in recent years, public opinion had been moving closer towards greater tolerance of the curly fringe.

“It will never be considered the height of stylishness,” Sarkozy explained, “but the EU recognises that there are circumstances in which frizzy bangs cannot, for those unfortunate enough to be cursed with curly hair, be avoided. Of course, it would be advisable for curly-haired people not to opt for a fringe in the first place, but those with large or bulbous foreheads, it can be the lesser of two evils.”

The curly-haired lobby welcomed the pro-frizz pact, saying it was ‘an historical moment for people with curly or wavy hair, who have throughout history suffered serious prejudice in areas such as access to education, training and employment, as well as in their private lives.’


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